The Villa

Welcome to our Indian Summer House

A luxury villa where you can step outside of your busy life and into a sanctuary of comfort and Keralan culture. Romantic walkways and organic gardens surround the palace-like retreat created alongside our ancestral home.

Located nearby the meandering Muvatttapuzha River in Southern India, the Indian Summer House invites you to slow down and recharge. And once rested and relaxed we will guide you to secret local attractions – by boat, on bikes or you might prefer a leisurely walk through the lush tropical landscape of this undiscovered hamlet of the south.


Energy & Harmony

Indian Summer House guests appreciate the overwhelming calm that descends as you cross through the Temple Pavilion and into this intimate holiday haven.

Renowned landscape artist Made Wijaya is responsible for bringing our novel ideas to life with his vision for a luxury villa that marries old with new, order with options.

Other local artisans have contributed beautiful outdoor sculptures and ponds as well as stunning handcrafted timber ceilings and radiating rafters inspired by acclaimed temple architect, Prashant.

We believe the best part is what lies beneath the surface: the distinctive core of Kerala’s majestic Indian Summer House is energy and harmony.

The secluded residence reveals a seamless blend of Keralan colonial architecture with a contemporary feel created by Interior Designer Russell Grainger. All this while remaining respectful of Vastu – the Hindu system of architecture.

After a day of touring, relaxing by the pool or rejuvenating the mind and body at the ayurveda spa, choosing when and where to dine in this tropical hideaway might be the hardest thing to do.  Our chef, Rajesh, will inspire you with his tantalizing menu and all guests are welcome to join in a cooking lesson.


Albin leads our team of attentive staff will be on site, quietly assisting in the background. Help from the hosts is also available for tours ranging from temple visits, canoe rides, longer hikes, local shopping, or a gentle stroll to the nearby tea shop and gardens.