Friends of ISH

Friends of ISH

Thankyou for asking to learn more about Friends of ISH, if you wish to get involved a monthly payment of USD$20, $50 or $100 would be terrific, just scroll to the bottom the screen and click on subscribe. If you have an alternative preferred payment method please email me and we’ll take it from there You can always Call or WhatsApp me on +91 9645657102

Gratitude, generosity and kindness seem to be at the forefront of finding a way of coping and coming out of challenges with a new determination to make our world brighter and safer.

At Indian Summer House we have been working on ways to support our local community through this period and beyond. We are now ready to deepen that relationship to provide opportunities for employment, education and self-sufficiency in our community.

Many of you will know that our initial vision for Indian Summer House was to create a sustainable home where we engage with our community, provide employment and a wonderful Kerala experience for our guests. Over the past five years our guests have come from America, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong as well as closer to home throughout the north and south of India.

With the floods of 2018 and recently Covid, many of our guests and friends have asked how they can help those in immediate need, as well as offer support for long-term projects.

One of the best ways to help is to come stay and once you have stayed we’re sure you will want to encourage your friends to visit and spend time discovering Kerala. We understand this is not always possible so to keep the connection alive we have established Friends of ISH.

Our research and conversations in the community have identified an urgent need with a number of local schools and orphanages who survive on donations of money and food.

As part of this community work, our chef, when we can Rajesh and the team will prepare and deliver a day of meals to these organisations. Alternatively, we will source raw ingredients from our suppliers and deliver the food. And in an exciting partnership project, Rajesh will work with the kitchen teams to prepare some special favourites for the kids. Maybe there will be budding master chefs in the making.

With your support we will reliably deliver meals every week. The funds that our Friends of ISH provide will go towards this endeavour. When you visit you can participate in the experience. In the meantime, we will ensure we regularly update you with stories from our partners of how your donations are helping.

Suggested Donation: USD$20, $50 or $100 per month

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